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The thing about this show of ours is that it has a really intriguing mythos/lore, despite being unspecific and vague about a lot of things. No matter how we fill the holes of what we don't know, it's bound to be interesting. Some people fill in the blanks with fiction or simply come up with a headcannon that makes sense to them, you do so with art. I really love this piece, not only because it's great to look at, but because it, like the show, gives an intriguing scenario while leaving a great deal up to the viewer. Seeing this, I can't help but piece together my own story as to how this came to be and how it effects the events of the show, and I'm sure most people who saw this did the same. That is my favorite thing about your work, the fact that you lay down the scene without the burden of unneeded context. You make us think about what you draw, not just look at it. Yeah, that's my critique.
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